2017 Estate Methode Ancienne



Made from 80% Syrah and 20% Primitivo from our estate vines, this wine is our homage to the ancient traditional method of foot stomping grapes to release the juices for fermentation. Prior to the mechanization and cultured yeasts, ancient cultures across the Mediterranean created wines by treading on the harvested grapes and allowing the native yeast present in the vineyard and environment to ferment the resulting juice. While our understanding of wine production and advancement in technology has developed, there is something magical in utilizing this simple yet intensive wine production method.

It is in this tradition our 2017 Methode Ancienne is made. We start by picking high quality estate grapes, which are then tread by foot in half ton bins. The whole cluster fruit (grapes and stems) is allowed to ferment using native yeast. By utilizing a whole cluster and native fermentation our Methode Ancienne develops an aromatic and flavor profile that is rich and complex.