2018 Estate Clone


This wine is an exquisite expression of Rhone varietals blended to show respect for the tradition of the Rhone region while maintaining a truly vivid expression of El Dorado terroir.

Syrah Clone 877 – contributes full bodied fleshy flavors of black fruits and peppers while providing a structural backbone of tannins and textured balance. Petite Sirah Clone 4 adds a bit of black fruit and exotic aromas and increases the mouthfeel. Mourvedre Clone 369 provides elegance, structure and acidity producing flavors of sweet plums, roasted game and a hint of tobacco. Grenache 362, the lightest of the four grapes, adds soft berry scents and a bit of spiciness.

This Miraflores version of Rhône wines is elegant and sophisticated. This blend offers an impeccable balance of tannins, spiciness, fruitiness and acidity. The exotic and persistent aromas of plums, game and maple make it delightful for short ribs.