Voted El Dorado County’s #1 Winery Three Years in a Row

Miraflores Events

Miraflores is the leading El Dorado winery known for its passion for pairing our wines with exquisite food. Many of our events are geared towards this focus including chef-led cooking classes, exotic food and wine pairing events, and the arts presented in imaginative ways.

“The Wine Spectator published on its January 31st, 2018 issue: “Smart Buys. Wineries for excellence and value.” These wineries represent all major wine producing regions of the world. A total of 1,172 wineries were included. Miraflores and a large French wine conglomerate were the only ones to have six wines each listed on the Wine Spectator list as the other 1,170 wineries had one or two wines mentioned.

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“What a rare, complex and spectacular wine. Well-aged and fortified wines like this are uncommon in California, but this full-bodied and very sweet example proves it’s possible.”

NV Muscat Canelli, selected #40 of the Top 100 Wines of 2017, 95 Points & Editor’s Choice

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